Property Owners

My Contacts Could Want Your Properties!

With over 30yrs of experience and a vast Black-book of professional buyers, I pride myself on being able to match the perfect property with the perfect buyer fast.

Being an independent broker I can move in the marketplace faster than any estate agent – I don’t have Company Policy or red tape to deal with,

instead I can spend my time finding the perfect buyer for your property so that the deal is made fast and at the right price.

Why Work With Me:

  •  Proven track record & 30yrs of experience.
  •  List of hot buyer eager to purchase.
  •  Honest, no BS approach to closing deals.


If you have a property that you need to shift, then I have the contacts that will be interested.

My contact lists not only covers high net-worth individuals who are looking for luxury property deals, but I also work directly with first time buyers and investors that are seeking out properties at the lower end of the market.

If you need to shift a property, then I’ve got you covered.

Sell your property at the right price, contact me now >>